wrestles, wrestling, wrestled
1) VERB When you wrestle with a difficult problem, you try to deal with it.

[V with n] Delegates wrestled with the problems of violence and sanctions...

[V with n] We're wrestling with a recession...

[V n] What he liked to do was to take an idea and wrestle it by finding every possible consequence.

2) VERB If you wrestle with someone, you fight them by forcing them into painful positions or throwing them to the ground, rather than by hitting them. Some people wrestle as a sport.

They taught me to wrestle...

[V with n] The bridesmaids and pageboys squealed and wrestled with each other in the garden. [Also V n]

3) VERB If you wrestle a person or thing somewhere, you move them there using a lot of force, for example by twisting a part of someone's body into a painful position.

[V n prep] We had to physically wrestle the child from the man's arms...

[V n prep] The stationmaster pounced and wrestled the gun from him...

[V n prep] Marshals tried to wrestle the demonstrator out of the room.

4) See also wrestling

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